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Photo © Erik Nussbicker


Christine Kotschi
musician / multi-instrumentalist / composer / performer

Trained in the classical violin, Christine Kotschi is a musician who also plays multiple instruments. Early on in her career she studied traditional popular Turkish music at the Istanbul Conservatory. Later, an encounter with Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, a composer and musician with the Théâtre du Soleil in France, proved to be a turning point for her. Specialized in stage music, she also trained as an actress at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School, and most of her time is devoted to staging live music in the performing arts arena. In addition, she studied the art of the musical body with Monika Pagneux. She has created and performed music for around forty plays by both classical and contemporary authors. In search of rare sounds, she uses her substantial collection of musical instruments, which includes instruments from all civilizations, picked up on her travels and encounters, as well as hand-crafted, invented instruments that provide a wide range of timbres and serve as an endless source of inspiration. In addition, her research has led her to collaborate on the creation of new instruments. It is in the presence of actors that her music comes to life, taking shape and becoming a musical score. It is like a prediction of things to come, creating counterpoints and imprinting a rhythm onto the character that takes shape before her eyes.

She has composed and performed live on stage, the music for plays directed by the following: Pascal ANTONINI, Pascal ARBEILLE, Valentina ARCE, Nicole AUBRY, L. BANCAREL, Benno BESSON, Paula BRUNET-SANCHO, Florence CAMOIN, Guillaume CLAYSSEN, Guy-Pierre COULEAU, Antonio DIAZ-FLORIAN, Gabriel GARRAN, Stanislas GRASSIEN, Hassane KOUYATÉ, Sylvain LHERMITTE, Pierre LONGUENESSE, Dominique LURCEL, Michel de MAULNE, William MESGUICH, Séghir MOHAMMEDI, Habib NAGHMOUCHIN, Bruno OUZEAU, Carolina PECHENY, Loïc PICHON, Farid PAYA, Evelyne RIVAUD, Mahmoud SHAHALI and Lisa WURMSER.

In addition, she has put on solo performances at the International Francophone Festival in the Limousin, the Tarmac Theatre at La Villette, la Cité de la Musique, l’Espace Kiron, the Théâtre de l’Epopée, and the Théâtre du Lierre etc.

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